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Certain Medicaid Special Assistance eligible residents in Adult Care Homes (rest homes) have extensive needs for personal care assistance and qualify for additional support by Medicaid for this purpose. The function of case management is to verify the need for this additional assistance and to assure that the resident's needs for personal care, as well as needs for other related health and social services, are being met. These services are directed at the goal of improving the overall quality of care for Special Assistance/Medicaid-eligible heavy care residents of Adult Care Homes. A heavy care resident is one who needs a lot more assistance than most residents do. An example is a person who is dependent on the staff at the rest home to meet their needs. Enhanced care clients need and require additional personal care assistance, case management support, and other needed services. The purpose of Adult Care Home Case Management Services (Enhanced Care) is to provide a case manager to work in partnership with residents, residents' families, significant others, Adult Care Home Monitoring, and community service providers to assure that the needs and preferences of heavy care residents are being met. Case managers have important and diverse roles with these residents. Case management services are provided by staff from County Departments of Social Services. Activities include:

  • Verifying the need for enhanced Adult Care Home Monitoring personal care
  • Assuring the Adult Care Home's plan corresponds to the needs of the resident
  • Reviewing the provision of care to assure changes in the resident's conditions are being addressed
  • Determining the need for other community-based services
  • Assisting the resident and the Adult Care Home Monitoring in accessing other needed services


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