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Minimum Standards of Care for children - Dependency


G.S. 7B-101 (7)-a Juvenile in Need of Assistance or Placement Because He Has No Parent, Guardian, or Custodian Responsible for the Juvenile's Care or Supervision or Whose Parent, Guardian, or Custodian Is Unable to Provide for the Care or Supervision and Lacks an Appropriate Alternative Child Care Arrangement.

Parent or caretaker is deceased or unknown.

Parent or caretaker is physically unavailable to provide care due to being in another state (or possibly another county), whereabouts unknown, hospitalized, or incarcerated.  Plans for care of child are unknown, unclear, or unsafe and as a result, child is at risk of being neglected or abused if services are not provided;

Parent or Caretaker’s severe and persistent physical or mental disability has placed the  child at risk of being abused and/or neglected if services are not provided.


Definition of a Caretaker

G.S. 7B-101 (2) Any person other than a parent, guardian or custodian who has responsibility for the health and welfare of a juvenile in a residential setting.  A person responsible for a juvenile's health and welfare means a stepparent, foster parent, adult member of the juvenile's household, an adult relative entrusted with the juvenile's care, or any person such as a house parent, or cottage parent who has primary responsibility for supervising a juvenile's health and welfare in a residential child care facility or residential educational facility.  Caretaker also means any person who has the responsibility for the care of a juvenile in a child day care home or child day care facility and includes any person who has the approval of the care provider to assume responsibility for the juveniles under the care of the care provider.

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