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Community Child Protection Team

Community Child Protection Teams were established in 1991, as a response to the increased numbers of children reported as being abused, neglected or dependent in North Carolina. Teams were established to add a community dimension to child protection.

The duties and responsibilities of the team were adopted as North Carolina Administrative Code 41I .0400. The original purpose and composition of the team was further formalized and expanded by G.S. 7B 1406, (previously G.S. 143-576.1) effective July 1, 1993.
In 1997 North Carolina designated CCPTs as Citizen's Review Panels which were required by the Federal Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA). The panels, which must meet at least every three months, are intended to involve citizens in ensuring that states are meeting their goals of protecting children from abuse and neglect.

The intent of the CCPT is to enhance child protection in the community through collaboration and advocacy. The establishment of CCPT as a community partner in child protection changed the concept that the community had about the Departments of Social Services. That agency went from a stand-alone concept of protecting children to a partnering with the community concept of protecting children. Families and communities have benefited from the community approach to child protection.
Purpose of CCPT

The Community Child Protection Team is an interdisciplinary group of community representatives who meet regularly to promote a community-wide approach to the problem of child abuse, neglect and dependency.

Who Are CCPT Members
CCPT consist of representatives of agencies and organizations as well as citizens-at-large that have children and families as a focus. NC law mandates membership for certain agencies and organizations. These members includes:

The county director of social services and a member of the director's staff, a local law enforcement officer, an attorney from the district attorney's office, the executive director of the local community action agency, the superintendent of each local school administrative unit; a member of the county board of social services, a local mental health professional, the local guardian ad litem coordinator, or the coordinator's designee; the director of the department of public health; and a local health care provider.

The board of county commissioners may appoint a maximum of five additional members to represent various county agencies and the community-at-large to serve on any local team.
CCPT Tasks
Review active cases in which abuse, neglect, or dependency is found and that are:

  • Selected from categories defined by the team.
  • Brought for review at the specific request of a team member.
  • Brought for review at the initiative of the director of the department of social services.

Report to the Board of County Commissioners and the community about the status of families in the community.

Advocacy and Collaboration
CCPT educates the community about issues that puts children at risk of harm and how this impact families and the community. The knowledge of CCPT members is utilized to create services in response to identified gaps. The sharing of information among members about under-utilized resources in the community help to address service gaps. CCPT informs board of county commissioners about trends in child maltreatment that suggest a need for changes in services in the in the community, and advocate for necessary resources.


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