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Domestic Violence Assistance

There is currently a need for supportive type services for victims of Domestic Violence in Swain County. Clients who are homeless and suffering from domestic abuse have multiple needs. Supportive Services may include but are not limited to: Outreach, Child Care, Job Training/Placement, Case Management, Health Care, Transportation, Employment Assistance, Education/Tuition, Vocational Opportunities, Life Skills, Counseling/Mental Health Care, Housing Assistance, Substance Abuse Treatment, rent deposits, first and last month's rent, Work Supplies, Gas, Utilities, Insurance, Car Maintenance, Parenting Skills, Psychiatric Care, Home Furnishings, Budgeting, Food, Medical Costs, Dental Costs, medication expenses/supplies, resource/referral services, assistance with applying for and securing benefits, and court advocacy. etc..

The long-term goal of the program is to have each client obtain and remain in a safe permanent housing situation. We feel that our goal should be to enable clients to become and remain self sufficient through supportive type services. The Case Manager will facilitate the involvement of local services, agencies, and community resources that will benefit the client. Participants will be assisted in increasing their incomes and living independently through a collaborative process. A plan based on individual client needs, goals, and objectives, training and mentoring is needed. Participants will be encouraged, through referral and support, to access the multitude of programs available in Swain County. They will also be assisted in the arrangement of transportation to needed programs and services. The goal of the program is to assist the clients in the adoption of living skills necessary to be successful in providing for themselves and their families.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviors that reflects an abuser's need for power and control. What starts as verbal or emotional abuse can change into physical abuse directed toward an intimate partner, children, pets or property. No one deserves to be abused. Nothing that is said or done justifies an abuser's violence. Problems in a relationship are not solved by abuse. Ending or changing an abusive relationship is often a slow and painful process, but never as painful as letting it continue. Once the abuse begins, it usually continues and becomes more frequent and extreme.

Domestic Violence Includes: Pushing, Harassment, Unwanted sex, Constant put-downs, Slapping, Isolation, Strangling, Kicking, Threats and Punching

Our agency plans to better serve victims of domestic violence through our Work First program.


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