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Social Services

Medicaid for Aged (65 and Older), Blind and Disabled Persons

The income limit is equal to 100% of the poverty level. There is a limit on resources. This program assists low-income, disabled, and elderly persons with the ability to receive essential medical care. Medicaid is a significant source of funding for nursing home care, medical care and prescription drugs for elderly, disabled and blind citizens. It also helps provide home- and community-based services (CAP) to individuals who would otherwise require nursing facility care, allowing them to continue living in the community. Assistance with the cost of care is provided to adults living in nursing homes, rest homes, hospitals, or private homes. The patient's income must be less than the cost of care in the facility at the Medicaid rate, and there is a limit on resources. If the patient or his representative gives away assets or sells them for less than market value, he may be ineligible for payment of the cost of care. The sanction period is based upon the value of the assets transferred away. Covered services include inpatient hospitalization, outpatient, dental, nursing home care, prescription drugs, vision, and primary care.


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