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The records on this site are unofficial records made available for informational purposes only.  While every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of this information, the Register Of Deed makes no representation, expressed or implied, as to the authenticity, accuracy, or completeness of any record or information presented.  Any person using this website assumes the risk of any omissions or inaccuracies contained herein.  Swain County, the Register Of Deed and its officers, agents, and employees shall under no circumstances be liable for any actions taken or omissions made as a consequence of any user’s reliance upon information contained in or omitted from this website in any manner whatsoever.  Use of this site is an acknowledgment of the disclaimer.  The official records of the Swain County Register Of Deed are located at the Swain County Register Of Deed office.

Courthouse Building
101 Mitchell Street
Mailing Address:   PO Box 1183
Bryson City, NC 28713

Diana Williamson Kirkland   –   Register of Deeds
Phone: 828-488-9273, ext. 2205
Office Hours:    8:30 am – 5:00 pm      Monday – Friday

Marriage Licenses issued   –   8:30 am – 4:30 pm      Monday – Friday

The Register of Deeds Maintains Real Property Records And Vital Records for the County 

As the custodian and manager of public records, we provide the following services:

  • Record Deeds, Contracts, Leases, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Assumed Names, Maps, and Plats, Marriage Settlements, Power of Attorney, Bankruptcy Order, Inheritance Tax Waiver Judgments, UCCs, Articles of Incorporations, Corporate Mergers, Cancellations of Deeds of Trust, Military Discharge and other miscellaneous recordings.
  • Record and issue certified copies of Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Delayed Birth Certificates, and Marriage Certificates.
  • Issue Marriage Licenses.
  • Collect money for Revenue Stamps placed on Deeds that are being recorded.

The land record data can be accessed in two different ways. Full System allows access to land record indexing information by searching on the following fields: grantor and/or grantee name, instrument number, or book and page. Imaging System Only allows retrieval of deed book images by entering the appropriate book and page numbers.

Swain County Register Of Deed’s Remote Access Site

Swain County Register Of Deed’s Vital Records Requests

You may:

  • Upload a photo on the Premium Site
  • Email a photo to
  • Fax to 828-488-6947
  • Mail it to Swain County Register of Deeds, PO Box 1183.

    A Valid photo ID is required.

Fees for certified copies are $10.00 each and uncertified copies are $1.00 each. You pay by major credit/debit cards online. (A fee is charged if paying by credit card)

Apply in person: Swain County Courthouse Building 101 Mitchell Street Bryson City, NC 28713. A valid State ID or driver’s license from DMV, military ID, or current passport is required. Fees for a certified copy are $10.00 and an uncertified copy is $1.00 each. We accept cash, money orders, or checks with ID.

By mail: Certified copies are $10.00 each. Uncertified copies are $1.00 each. You may send in your request with a money order or check made payable to the Register of Deeds. Our mailing address is PO Box 1183 Bryson City, NC 28713. We also will need a copy of your ID and an original signature or the request will not be processed.

Under N.C. law (G.S. 130A-26A) it is a felony violation to fraudulently request a certified copy of a vital record or obtain, possess, sell, furnishes, use or attempt to use for any purpose of deception a North Carolina vital record. North Carolina General Statute 130A-93 specifies who is entitled to obtain a certified copy as follows:

  • Yourself
  • Spouse
  • Brother/Sister
  • Child/Step-child
  • Parent/Step-parent
  • Grandparent/grandchild
  • Authorized agent, attorney, or legal representative (proof required)

Marriage License Information

  • A premarital physical is no longer required
  • Both applicants must present identification
  • The license is valid in any county in North Carolina and is returned to the county in which the license was issued.  Failure to do so subjects the person performing the ceremony to a $200 fine.
  • Both parties must present identification in the form of a drivers license or other government issued phone ID
  • If under 21, bring a Certified Birth Certificate
  • Both applicants must provide their Social Security numbers and verification of the number.  Applicants may present a Social Security card, W-2 form, tax form or any government issued paper with complete Social Security Numbers.
  • If either party has been divorced in the last 90 days, we need a copy of the divorce decree.  If over 90 days, date of divorce is needed.  If death, copy of death certificate is required.
  • Licenses are $60.00 cash
  • Please call the Register of Deeds office for underage marriage requirements

Call (828) 488-9273 ext. 2205 with any other questions.

On Line Marriage Application:  go to

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